Antonio Bertossi
Graphic Designer, Consultant (one day) & London Survivor


Swiss–Italian freelance designer based in London and Lugano. (CH)

Former print fetishist, my current focus is on digital applications, optimisation of communication processes and functional design systems.

Still kern a lot.


Graduate of SUPSI — University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland — and the Royal College of Art, London.

Key facts & highlights:
SUPSI: during the entrance examination I mistook Arial for Times New Roman.
RCA: A project description I got translated (and paid) for the application form featured ‘phallic symbols’ — although, no mention was found in my original texts. I got rejected the first time, but got a discount, too.


People, institutions and companies I have worked for include:

  • CISA, Academy of Audiovisual Sciences
  • City of Lugano
  • River Digital / Wordsearch
  • Royal College of Art
  • Sony Music
  • Studio CCRZ
  • Studio Dumbar
  • Swiss Association of Freethinkers
  • The Times
  • The Sunday Times Magazine
  • Virgin Music (Universal)


I frequently team up with talented Finnish designer Esa Matinvesi on editorial projects, graphic identities and anything in between.

But the list of people I've been collaborating with — particularly during the years at RCA — is rich.

A mention to kick-ass blør collective, Letterpress Monster Ian Gabb, funky & joyful Giulia Garbin and Antonio Costa is needed at this point.


I’m represented by Represent UK. For business inquiries, please get in touch with lovely Tara or get in touch directly with me:

right now

Currently, based in London Bridge thanks to the folks at River Digital / Wordsearch. Mostly out for meetings while developing this year SHOW RCA identity together with Esa Matinvesi.

bottom line

If you made it till here, you can also handle further information.

I love words and their various, fascinating representations. Ink on paper or pixels on screen, but also ink on screen or pixels on paper.

I'm passionate about semiotics and anything that relates to communication, media, negotiation of meanings, you name it.

Currently Antonio Costa and I are setting up an inventory of semiotic tools to analyse and critique online graphic design porn. But who cares? Frankly, we think only the search engine, which by now should have already targeted the word 'porn'.

By the way, semiotics relates to design just like fresh, tasty basil leaves to a good pesto.

Yes: this website is a temporary solution ;-) No: Italians don’t put pesto in their sandwitches — pesto goes on pasta )-;

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